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Glass Fusing Molds

Slumps, Saggers, Drapes, Drop and Frit/Dam Glass Molds - all of our glass molds are finished.  We have hundreds of different kinds of glass molds - slump, drape, drop, wine and bottle saggers and slumps, frit (aka dam) molds, sconce glass molds, knob and drawer pull glass molds, texture plaques, flower drape glass molds -  Browse all these pages -
then send us a list of all the glass molds you are interested in, along with your shipping address and buying status.
We’ll get back to your with your discounted prices and shipping for your approval and secure order process.

Wine Sagger Glass Molds 2

Bottle Slumping
Wine Saggers
Glass Molds
- 2 pages

Glass Mold MLDLF04Fish

Small Fritter Dam
Glass Molds

Glass Mold Amber Dichroic Sconce
Glass Mold GM12DropMoldFP
Glass Mold CPIGM139LargeConeFlowerFP

Glass Molds
- 4 pages

Glass Molds LF49LF50 OvalCabs

Jewelry Frit Dam
Glass Molds

Glass Mold KoiFishStandup
Glass Mold FinishedPieceDrape

Sconces and Lamps
Glass Molds

Drop Rings
Glass Molds

Drape Floral Formers
Glass Molds

Stand Ups Drape
Glass Molds

Glass Mold CPIDT26SailingTextureMold

Texture Fusing Plaques
Glass Molds - 3 pages

Glass Mold GM142QuadSwoopSlumpFP

Plates, Platters, Trays - Slump
Glass Molds
- 5 pages

Glass Mold FPGM88OrganicSlump

Bowls  - Slump & Drape
Glass Molds

Glass Mold FPGM22NiteLite
Glass Mold FPKnobsButtons
Glass Mold FPLF57TearNecklaceMold
Glass Mold FPGM131PatternDamMold

Knobs Buttons Buckles
Glass Molds

Holey Dam Frit
Glass Molds

Pattern and Dam
Glass Molds

Nite Lites, Weave Bars
Candle Holders, Spoon Rest
Soap Dish, Masks
& Miscellaneous Glass Molds

Glass Mold CPILF107ButterflyFritCast
Glass Mold StainlessSteelDrapeCylinder2
Glass Molds CPIGM153FPScrapMasterPotMelt
Glass Mold CPI FP GM126 round patti

Stainless Steel
Glass Molds

Glass Molds

Patty Gray Glass Molds

What’s New
Glass Molds

Glass Molds CPI LF164 Star Ornament DamMoldFP2
Glass Molds CPI LF155 Ornate Cross Mold FP

Glass Molds

Glass Molds

E-Mail us to order now!
Include full shipping address, item and quantity and we can get back to you with exact total, stock availability and shipping costs

Stores and studios with valid sales tax certificates may fax copies of their certificates to 817-536-7120 for wholesale and package pricing. All customers who buy any of our startup packages are entitled to our best wholesale and volume discount pricing. Please e-mail us for confidential wholesale pricing after confirming your buying status.

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